Letting it all work out

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Letting it all work out

When I first started working any sort of program I was told to “let it go”, “let go let God”, “relax”….. all the things

It took a long time to let go of the weights that had been holding me down my whole life. Alcoholism is a disease that will tear you apart limb from limb with no hopes of ever being put back together again.

Sobriety is the glue that puts me back together. When I first started looking how this all “worked” I did not want to trust in a higher power, or God or the universe, I felt as though whatever that is, abandoned me a long time ago. But what I did believe is that it was working for other people around me, other addicts and alcoholics who seem to have found a sense of purpose in life. So I started with that belief, that it works for them and they believe that this is a real thing.

Over time I have found myself trusting in “God”, I say God because it’s easier to say then “all mighty power that I do not understand but do believe has the controller to my life” :)

I trust that things will work out however they are supposed to, not how I want them to. I also firmly believe that if you want something in life you can achieve it if you apply yourself to do so. The trick for an alcoholic or addict is to remove the substance that is killing you first, find someone who has traveled the path of sobriety to give you some guidance, build a community around you of like minded individuals, and then conquer your dreams.

Trust that no matter what your past looks like, your future is an untold story that you can change. Sobriety is a gift of living in the now, loving the life you have, and taking advantage of the second chance God gave you.